About Book Club


ISTD is initiating a Book Club with an objective of cultivating reading habit amongst Generations, X , Y and Z. This club aims at promoting ideation and helping the young minds to develop cognitive and analytical skills through reading and writing.


All present and past Diploma Students of ISTD will be an integral part of this Club. Though, the current students will be enrolled by default, it will be available to other ISTDians, passed out Diploma students and management students / faculty through a simple process of enrolment.

Success Factors

 The club will be operated by Coordinators (ISTDians) who are voracious readers and have excellent command over language. They have prior experience of being part of similar activities/clubs to sustain its momentum.


Co-ordinators of this initiative are: Dr Sanjay Deshpande, Mr. Arun Viswanath, Dr Rashmi Hebalkar, Ms Sharmistha Sharma, Prof Gunmala Suri and Dr. Sraban Mukherjee. 

The BOOK CLUB Coordinators will release a list of 10 books across various genres every quarter on ISTD website.
The suggested procedure involves the following steps:
  1. ISTD website to be the entry point to the Book Club.
  2. The BOOK CLUB section in website will have a facility to post messages/ announcements enrolment form and the review posts.
  3. Enrolment will be available through submission of an online Form ( available on ISTD website under the heading, BOOK CLUB.
  4. A list of carefully selected 10 books will be uploaded every quarter and those who wish to write a review will select a book of their choice.
  5. The format for the review too will be uploaded on the website. That’ll help to streamline the thoughts and insights to be gathered by the reviewers.
Though emphasis will be laid on a written review, keeping the digital exposure and comfort in mind, the Book Club may also invite video reviews by young minds to provide a variety to the wider viewership as time goes by.
Once, the submissions would be made, the Co-ordinators of BOOK CLUB will go through the submissions and review it for language or any other content editing that might be needed. The reviews would be posted on the website
The BOOK CLUB Co-ordinators will select three best review submissions quarterly and announce the results on the website. The winners will be recognised through award in the form of a well renowned book and a certificate by ISTD.