Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics & Conduct for the Members of National Council and Managing Committees of ISTD

Serving ISTD is an honor

Every elected representative of the ISTD at the national and chapter level has obligations to the members. The activities are run by the members through their representatives for the members. Having accepted an obligation to act in the best interests of the organization as a whole, NC/MC members are expected to adhere carefully to the policies, goals and principles of the organisation. Policies reflect goals mentioned in the bylaws and in the mission statement.

The Code offers a set of values, principles and standards to guide decision making and help focus on appropriate behaviour and foster the culture of accountability. Decision making being a process, there are many instances where simple answers are not available to resolve complex issues, there are always debates after decisions are taken and hence following Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct will help reduce such criticisms for ISTD to maintain professional ethics.

The Code of Ethics serves several purposes such as:

  • Identify values on which professionals manage the affairs of ISTD
  • Establish accountable standards that guide NC/MC members
  • Gain knowledge about established policies and procedures of ISTD

Code of Ethics

  1. Participation in the meetingsNC/MC members have responsibility to establish and run a well articulated mission and philosophy. Therefore, participation in the NC/MC meetings plays a significant role in the Governance of ISTD as the decisions taken by the NC/MC impacts its entire membership. Hence the elected representatives must participate personally or otherwise.
    Due to budgetary constraints, it is possible that National Council Members are not able to attend all the meetings of National Council. In that case the National Office will circulate the points of agenda at least two to three weeks in advance to all members and solicit their recommendations/views in writing or electronically so that decisions taken benefit the member in the entire country. All the views received will be presented at the National Council Meetings and only those decisions will be approved to which there is consensus of majority of the ELECTED representatives of the National Council/ Committees. In case the majority views are not received then the National Office will circulate once again the views of the National Council members and the consensus of the National Council in the last meeting, with a rider that in case no comments are received from National Council Members with in a period of two weeks, then the agenda item will be approved as per the views already received and approved in the last National Council Meeting.
  2. ObligationsISTD gains credibility when members establish commitment to its set philosophies. Every member must strive to achieve ISTD’s objectives with honesty and integrity.
  3. Transparency and information sharingNC/MC members must share information about ISTD and its governance (including decisions taken in NC/MC meetings) and take steps to educate members and support their professional development.Treat all information received from members during ISTD events as proprietary and for the purpose of benefiting the ISTD and its membership. Use membership data base of the ISTD as confidential reference tool to communicate with individual members of the ISTD and seek the permission of the national office to use this data base for any other purpose.
  4. GovernancePromote activities of the ISTD by significantly contributing to the management of ISTD. Such contributions must be reflected in the reports of the chapter and/ or the national office.
  5. Conflict of InterestNC/MC members must avoid conflict of interest by any relationship or activity that might impair or even appear to impair the ability to make objective and fair decisions when discharging their duties. All decisions must be taken in legitimate interest of ISTD when the opportunity to do so arises.
  6. Individual ContributionsStrive to add value by contributing significantly to the management of the affairs of ISTD.
  7. Create AwarenessAdvocate the relevance and usefulness of training and development as a profession and ISTD as a society of professional trainers.
  8. CompetenceAccept responsibility on the basis of existing competence or through acquiring necessary competence.
  9. Conduct in the affairsConduct at all times to avoid actions that may adversely affect the interests or good standing of ISTD; have all facts in order to initiate discussions, deliberate and reach right solutions; besides, understand and follow the rules and regulations of ISTD.Once an issue has been discussed and decided, support it and defend it. Be open and communicate to prevent misunderstandings.

Code of Conduct

The NC/MC members agree to the following Code of Conduct (Behavior) to be affirmed on taking over an office at National Council level, Chapter level/Committee level.

Adherence to this Code

  • Each member has a personal responsibility to ensure that his or her actions abide by the letter and the spirit of this code.
  • Members must drive a culture in which compliance with the ISTD’s policies is at the core of all the activities.
  • Members must assume moral responsibility to clarify their responsibility and role.
  • Professional ethics are at the core of NC/MC of ISTD
  • Every candidate while giving consent for nomination for any MC/NC position must sign the Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics by pledging to abide by it.