Data Analytics in Training & Development


This course will enable the participants to understand the nuances of Analytics and help one comprehend the need and purpose of Analytics in L&D. The course will also introduce the participants to various statistical concepts aiding analytics and the tools that can be used for analytics thus enabling them to manage by numbers


  • Enabling the need for using data and purpose of analytics
  •  Understand the impact of Data in business with focus on L&D
  •  Enable decisioning based on analytics
  • Understand the impact of training through effective analysis


  • Understand the Importance of Data in making decisions
  • Understand Need for Analytics and principle behind Analytics
  •  Apply various Types of Analytics per need– Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive and
    Prescriptive Analytics
  • Build an L&D dashboard identifying the metrics required for validating effectiveness


Module 1: Data & its importance

  • Why this hype for Data?
  • Data & Its impact – Reference to Industry 4.0 
  • Data Changing business priorities – enabling better business decisions
  • Challenges in using Data and ways and means to overcome them

Module 2: Introduction to Analytics

  • Big Data and concepts around Big data
  • What is Analytics?
  • Why Analytics?
  • Concepts and terminologies around analytics – BI, BA, Decision Support System, OLAP,
  • Purposeful Analytics – 8 step model for analytics

Module 3: Evolution of Analytics and its impact to Business – focus on L&D

• Evolution of Analytics
• Typical Analytical models
• Technology impact in L&D – enabling data collection and availability
• Using Data in L&D

Module 4: L&D Measures

Need to measure L&D
• What can be measured and how
• HR Metrics with focus on L&D Metrics
• Metrics ploughed back into system for improved L&D performance – Course design, Course introduction, Course assessment etc

Module 5: Data Analytics in L&D

•Design, Implementation and Measurement of L&D
• Analytics and its benefits in L&D
• Benefits of Evaluation
• Implementing L&D in your organization

Module 6: Tools for analytics

• Need for Tools in Analytics
• Statistical Tools for Analytics
• Excel and Data Analytics an Overview

Module 7:

Course revision/Discussion of question papers/Peer Learning

Mode/Inclusive Methods in classes: Flipped Classroom, Whiteboard, Case Study Discussions, Lectures/Demonstrations, Audio-Visuals, Role Play, Class Discussion/Interactivity, Class Quizzes, Practice and QnA

In addition, Faculty may adopt other methods as applicable


  • Learning Analytics – John R Mattox, Mark Van Buren, Jean Martin
  • Measurement Demystified – Dave Vance, Peggy Parskey
  • Training and Development – Dr. B Janakiraman
  • Every Trainers Handbook – Devendra Agochiya
  • The Practical Guide to HR Analytics – Shonna D Waters