Facilitation Skills


The course will cover various aspects around classroom facilitation. The course will emphasize on trainer interventions to ensure participative training programs. The coverage will also include the different methods of training, managing individual and group assignments and enable one to plan and prepare and effective training design.


  • Understanding the various methods and techniques around training.
  • Effective management of classroom dynamics.
  • Manage the dilemma and emotions of trainer.
  • Roles & functions of a trainer


  • Understand the importance & factors influencing the Training Needs.
  • Understand the different training methods and their effectiveness.
  • Dimensions & Style of delivery of a trainer.
  • Delivery effectively & handle every situation effectively.


Module 1: Training Methods – Importance & Influencing Factors

  • What are training methods and its need.
  • Factors behind the choice of a training method – Learning objectives, Training Group, Audience,
    Stye, Presentation etc
  • Effective choice of one or more training methods

Module 2: Training Methods – Various types

  • Various methods of training and the right situations for effective delivery
    • Lecture
    • Case Study, Role Play
    • Games, Laboratory training
    • Individual and Group assignments
    • Discussion modes – Group, Pane, Brainstorm
    • Demonstrations

Module 3: Training Methods – Factors influencing choice

  • Need for an effective training method.
  • Training support materials and their purpose.
  • Training Group and its nature – Impact of learning styes, past experience, group size etc
  • Trainer competence, Presentation ease and appropriateness of training methods to the learning

Module 4: Training styles

  • The need to focus on training style.
  • Determinants and constituents of training style
  • Identifying the right training style

Module 5: Various Roles of a trainer

  • Different hats of a trainer at different situation and its importance
    • Planner
    • SME
    • Coach
    • Leader
  • ompetencies & Qualities of a trainer

Module 6: Effective Training Delivery

  • Handling different situations for effective training delivery
    • Non-participative
    • Confrontations
    • Unhelpful interventions
    • Tangential discussions and / or other distractions
  • Effective and efficient delivery – Content assimilation, structure, Time scheduling and reading

Module 7: Revision Class

Course revision/Discussion of question papers/Peer Learning

Mode/Inclusive Methods in classes: Flipped Classroom, Whiteboard, Case Study Discussions, Lectures/Demonstrations,
Audio-Visuals, Role Play, Class Discussion/Interactivity, Class Quizzes, Practice and QnA.

In addition, Faculty may adopt other methods as applicable.


  • Effective Training – Systems, strategies and practices – Blanchard, Thacker, V Anand Ram
  • Training and Development – Dr. B Janakiraman
  • Every Trainers Handbook – Devendra Agochiya