Skill Development

The skill level and educational attainment of workforce of any country determines the productivity as well as ability to adapt to the changing industrial environment. In India the majority of work force does not possess marketable skills which is an impediment in getting decent employment and improvement of economic conditions. The reasons basically are – large percentage of population living below poverty line, early school drop outs and non-availability of sufficient institutes to cater for millions of persons who enter the market every year. The skilled development at present is taking place mostly in an informal way i.e. acquiring skills at work places where they help their parents, relatives and employees etc. Such persons do not have a formal training and certificates and thus earn lower wages and are exploited by employers. Ministry of Labour & Employment, through DGE&T, to meet the challenge created a system of Training & Certification are not only recognising their skills but also provide education and training as a mode that suits their economic compulsion. Further, to ensure better quality training delivery and assessment function were separated from each other. Accordingly, ISTD, based on its availability of trained manpower and spread of Chapters throughout the country, was asked to undertake Pilot Project for assessment of candidates and on successful completion was nominated as a Nodal Agency for assessments for Testing and Certification of Skills for all Sectors and for all States.