Training - Business Strategy & HRD


Training – Business Strategy & HRD, is a course specially designed to align Training with the organizations’ HR Strategy and Business Strategy.  History proves that organizations which have learnt to use Training & Development (T&D) programs to support their business strategy have established a competitive advantage and increased profitability and ROI. T&D affects an organizations’ business strategy by promoting the specific skills required to expand new business areas across all possible verticals or to gain a competitive advantage over the business rivals. The Course aims to highlight this interlink of Training, Business Strategy and HRD.


  • Understand the interlink between Business Strategy, Training and HRD.
  • To learn how to think strategically and to gain competitive advantage for the organization through HRD and Training interventions aligned to Business Strategy.
  • Assess the impact of Training and HR interventions by implementing HR and Training Scorecards and other Analytics


  • Internalize the mindset of HR as a Business Partner
  • Practical application of HR Strategy, Training Strategy aligned to business needs
  • Role of Training in OD and Change Management
  • Assessing impact of Training Strategy


Module 1: Role of HR in Business Strategy

  • Introduction to the subject
  • Role of HR and Training in Business Strategy
  • What CEOs and Line Managers expect from HR and Training
  • Role of HR in meeting expectations Changing Role of HR
  • HR as a Business Partner

Module 2: Introduction to Business Strategy

  • What is Business Strategy?
  • Market driven and Resource Driven Strategy
  • Process of Strategy Development
  • Analysis of Environment, Industry Structure and Organizational Capabilities
  • Implementing and Evaluating Strategy

Module 3: Analysis of External and Internal Environment

External Environment
  • Understanding the Economic Environment of Business
  • Environment Scanning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Porters 5 Forces Model
  • McKinsey 7S Framework
  • PEST(LE) Analysis
Internal Environment
  • Understanding Organization Capabilities
  • Situation Analysis
  • BCG Matrix
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Malcolm Baldridge Business Excellence Model
  • Balanced Scorecard

Module 4: How HR Partners with Business Strategy

  • Gaining competitive advantage through strategic options
  • Cost Leadership
  • Blue Ocean
  • Product/Service Differentiation
  • Innovation leadership
  • Technology Leadership
  • Customer Experience
  • Digitization
  • HR Partnership in different strategic options
  • Role of Training in implementing business strategy

Module 5: Building Training and OD Strategy

  • Introduction to Organization Development, Change
  • Management and Culture Building
  • Current Trends in Organization Development and role of Training
  • Designing and implementing OD interventions
  • Role of Training in driving organization change
  • Why HR and OD Strategy Fails?
  • Developing Training Strategy
  • Steps in developing Training Strategy
  • Developing and implementing a training calendar linked to Training Strategy

Module 6: Training and HR Scorecards – Measuring and Assessing Impact of Training

  • What is a Business Scorecard
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • HR Scorecard
  • Other Key Business Analytics Linked to HR
  • Translating business strategy objectives into action plans
  • Strategy Maps
  • Developing HR Strategy aligned to Business Strategy
  • HR Strategic Options
  • Training Scorecard
  • Assessing impact of training strategy
  • Role of metrics and analytics in implementing and monitoring Training Strategy

Module 7: Revision Class

  • Course recap and closure


  • “HR Scorecard” by Dave Ulrich
  • “HR Value Proposition” by Dave Ulrich